Going on Offense

Don't Have to Make  Up Anything

5/18/20- Gov. Charlie Parker... Out of Control

5/18/20- 17 Person Advisor Board

5/18/20- 17 Person Advisor Board

5/18/20- 17 Person Advisor Board

Why aren't we Represented? We have almost 1 Million Members

5/18/20- Beacon Hill Reporter

5/18/20- 17 Person Advisor Board

5/18/20- 17 Person Advisor Board

Why these zip codes?

Nobody is Listening....Nobody Cares

Beach Party at 42 Monument Ave , Swampscott

5/16/20 No Beach Haters Allowed

5/25/20-Memorial Day... Coming Soon

Always Remember , Never Forget

Sunrise, Flags ,Taps

Ground Zero -Boston


Thanks Smart People

How come  it  took  you so long to Report on this?

International  Professional Conference

100-175 Attendees where infected  


Fake Numbers

Below, what you should know about the status of COVID-19 in Massachusetts, based on the latest statistics and information available from state public health officials:

Confirmed cases: 72,025

Deaths from the virus: 4,420

Patients tested: 339,639  

Walsh caused N.E. States, North Carolina,Tennessee,Indiana , Florida

MIT ,Harvard & Partners Healthcare were silent 

2million Europeans entered USA during February

3/21/20 "Stay Calm "...It is the Flu!

4/27/20 More Science Out   (Not Gov't Propaganda)

Infection Rate High

Death Rate Low


CDC Official Stats USA

Total Deaths last Year

1/1/2019 to 4/10/19....809,000

Total Deaths this Year

1/1/2020 to 4/10/20...772,000

Ice Please

Lou Murray  introduces "ALL Star" line up for I.C.E. in Burlington 

Oh No , Not this Flag Marty

Chinese American Patriots DisApprove of this "Killer" Flag Raising

Normal People in Action


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